There is no Black power without the empowerment of Black women.

Iman and Joan Smalls photographed by Sebastian Faena, Harper’s Bazaar September 2014


5 Unique Ways to Cut and Prep Fruits (VIDEOS)

Carefree Black Boys & Girls 


Congrats to the expecting couple and Happy 4th Anniversary to the Deans!

Why just black girls? How about all girls
Says the blogger with a blog filled with nothing but white girls.  (via curvesincolor)

Yesterday’s look for the shoot… Pretty groovy baby 😜


Yesterday’s look for the shoot… Pretty groovy baby 😜

When I started my musical career I was a maid, I used to clean houses. My parents- my mother was a proud janitor, my step-father who raised me like his very own worked at the post office and my father was a trash man. They all wore uniforms. And that’s why I stand here today in my black and white and I wear my uniform to honor them.

This is a reminder that I have work to do, I have people to uplift, I have people to inspire. And today I wear my uniform proudly as a Covergirl. I want to be clear young girls, I didn’t have to change who I was to become a Covergirl, I didn’t have to become perfect because I’ve learned through my journey that perfection is often the enemy of greatness. Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes other uncomfortable.

Janelle Monae. (via curvesincolor)
In regards to the post about growing your hips, yes it is possibly. I was able to do it by eating more and doing exercises that target the gluteus medius, Lolo (improveyourcurves) has, yoventura has, etc. Even people who get pregnant get wider hips. I think YOU need to do more research.





Getting pregnant does not changE YOUR BONE STRUCTURE I literally cannot with your fucking anons so fucking stupid.

how are people this stupid

If you make them angry enough they’ll call you a—a *gasp* cracker. Tread lightly, Rusilko. You don’t know who you’re dealing with.


So… am I the only one who researches things?


Getting pregnant isn’t working out. You literally have a person inside of you changing your body. I’m not even getting into this. You are all complete idiots and anyone trying to tell you that you can change your bone structure is selling you some bullshit

The pelvis is made up of two large bones joined by cartilage and ligaments at two joints in the woman’s lower back at the sacrum (called the sacroiliac joints) and at the front symphysis pubis bone.

During late pregnancy hormones soften and relax these ligaments, making the pelvis elastic, rather than rigid. This gives the pelvic bones the ability to stretch and open more easily for the birth of the baby.

Positive body points to remember….

  1. Your pelvis is not fused and DOES stretch and open for the amazing process of birth.
  2. The baby’s skull bones are divided into five plates that cross over during labour, making their head smaller by moulding to fit the birth canal.
  3. Being upright lets gravity help the pelvis to open and aids the descent of the baby during labour.

Some women find feeling their pelvic bones useful in helping them understand how their pelvis is positioned and how it shifts during pregnancy and labour. 


Come on now, ladies. Science. Research. You’re smart women. Do the thing.











When you write about race, the feedback and messages white people send you ends up being the same. They all have the same tired retorts. They desperately need to get new material.

Here are the top 10 hits of white nonsense. There are many more examples, but these are the top 10 imo.

1. Not all…

The mentioning of Eastern Europeans here is disrespectful. Considering how many different conquering armies have stomped over the Polish, Ukrainians, etc. over time, there is no need to utilize them as a prop in a “not all…, lol” argument. especially when it’s so clear that the person that would claim Eastern Europeans didn’t participate in imperialism is already doing exactly that.

Everything else I agree with.

I think something is lost in translation here. Let me elaborate.  

I definitely was not using Eastern Europeans as a prop! I mentioned them because it is a very real tactic and ongoing theme people use to derail conversations and topics I write about or bring up. It happens all the time. When I mean all the time, I mean all the time. I could be talking about European colonialism in Africa or the history of white majority rule in Southern African countries, and then someone will message me about Eastern Europeans like I have somehow condemned them. Of course I did no such thing, but they love to play this game and put words in my mouth. It is a diversion.

Sometimes people will bring up Eastern Europeans completely randomly to me. The other day I wrote this post about how when Nigerians die, there is never a concrete number of the casualties. Someone wrote in a reply asking “what about Ukraine people?" Did that have any relevance to what I was talking about? Absolutely not. Just like if I’m talking about the British Empire and their brutal colonialism and white supremacy, someone will message me about Eastern Europe to tell me "not all white people".

This is what I’m talking about. I hope I’ve made myself clear. I’m not disrespecting Eastern Europeans.

Thank you.

How ironic that on a post about white nonesense a white person responds… with UTTER nonesense. Truly unbelievable. I’m constantly floored by how incredibly narcissistic white people can be, incredibly high on their white privilege and the power of white supremacy. Everything must be centered around them. And the fact that Atane MENTIONED that white people love to derail using the Eastern European argument -which he did not mention in a disrespectful manner by the way at all as he is very conscious of the differential histories and power dynamics etc. (see above)- and then to watch a white person comes along and says the SAME thing. Just wow.

White people never cease to amaze me. 

I’ve been wanting to reply to this post awhile now, but it’s difficult since I have next to no sources to back me up on this (despite studying Russian and Polish). But in regards of “East Europeans didn’t do what West Europeans did”:

First of all, I’d like to say that although East Europe is not synonymous to Russia, Russia brutally colonized Siberia from 16th century onwards, and murdered most of the indigenous people living there, and all European nations under Russian/Soviet regime or influence have participated in it and continue to do so. There is no question about weather or not natural resources stolen from Siberia benefit modern day Russians, and us Finns, and the part Siberian oil and gas play in Ukrainian and Belarusian politics as well as EU politics is huge. People tend to forget that this is exploitation of indigenous lands, because apparently Russia has hidden and destroyed historical records of how Siberia came to be a part of the country.

Second of all, for an European nation to participate in imperialism it was not necessary to have your own colony or be independent. There is for instance some Polish population in Brazil, whose ancestors moved there with Russian passports in the 19th century. This means that those people participated in the colonization, thus Polish people participated in the imperialism. I’m sure that of each East European nation there are examples of people moving to colonized lands to “find better life”, and that better life was built on colonialism, white supremacy, stealing and exploitation of indigenous lands and natural resources and slavery.

Products from colonized lands such as coffee, tea and spices were and are sold in East Europe too, so people who stayed home benefitted also. This is so fucking obvious I don’t know why I even have to say it.

People tend to forget that colonialism was an all European project, and the ideology behind it was “common knowledge” in pretty much every part of this continent, and still is if you look at the large racist political movements and the inhumane immigration policy we have for instance. People from all over Europe went to work to colonies or moved there for good, people went as missionaries, engineers, sailors, explorers, farmers etc. It didn’t matter that the country you lived in didn’t have it’s own colonies: Finnish engineers worked in Belgian Kongo for instance, and Finnish farmers moved to North America (as Swedes and as Finns). Again I’m sure that similar examples can be found in the histories of different East European countries, if you know what to look for.

I honestly don’t believe that there is a nation in Europe that didn’t participate in the imperialism (unless you can prove it with large amounts of as unbiased research as possible). It is far more likely that everyone participated enthusiastically, despite of being under foreign rule or at war with your neighbors. Everyone wanted to be a colonialist, East and West Europeans alike, but some had more opportunities than others.

I think this is a case of East Europeans believing, much like us Finns, that we didn’t participate in the colonialism because it’s never spoken about or not explicitly stated in history books, or that even if we did participate we weren’t “as bad”. Also it might be the case of historical records talking about people as “Russians” or “Austrians” or “Swedish” or something else because the modern country didn’t exist yet or was under foreign rule, or people had emigrated from there to West Europe (which was kind of popular amongst upper class East Europeans).

Also I really don’t like the way in which certain parts of the history of Poland and Ukraine, albeit sad and violent, are used to prove a completely different matter. Being under Russian rule didn’t stop Polish people from moving to Brazil and Ukrainian cossacks probably participated in the colonization of Siberia even though they might have been considered Russian at time.

Call me disrespectful all you want but I feel like actually people who say “not East Europeans!” don’t know enough about their own history and the ways in which they benefit from colonialism and white supremacy, and use unrelated historical facts to shut up people who disagree with them, or to make sure that they get special treatment as “white people who were nicer than the rest”. Or I dunno “white people who are super oppressed by everyone”, like some Finns claim for some reason (??????). European power dynamics aside, white East Europeans do have white privilege that is built on colonialism and in my opinion things that people of color say about white people are very, very likely to be true for East European white people as well.


White folks who say “not East Europeans!” should read up on the Couronian colonization of the Americas. Even Switzerland, a landlocked country, mind you, participated in the colonization of the Americas. So, yeah… *not ALL White people.* Just a huge majority of White people that renders the very few who didn’t negligible.